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"Freedom, in general, can be defined as the absence of obstacles to the fulfillment of desires.” (Bertrand Russell)


The Miss Deco team believes that organizing your own wedding should be a pleasure. However, with work, family commitments, and other aspects of life, it's not always easy to experience it that way.

The role of an event and wedding planner is becoming increasingly important, even in our region. They provide essential assistance for those who want to arrive at their special day full of energy.

They take care of sourcing vendors, requesting quotes, and negotiating. They establish schedules, create a program, ensure everything runs smoothly, and handle any unexpected issues that may arise.

All you have to do is dream about your celebration, your wedding, your special moment. Provide the necessary guidance, savor each step of progress, and then simply enjoy it all.


From A to Z, Miss Deco will assist you in creating the wedding or event of your dreams. An event and wedding planner will be your anchor in the process of creating your special moment.
Feeling more relaxed already?


Do you already have all the vendors in place, but you don't want your friends, witnesses, or family members to stress about managing everything?

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