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The decorative and floral work of Team Miss Deco, founded by Laura and Amanda, is characterized by passion, innovation, and attention to detail.


Laura and Amanda have gained years of experience in various decorative fields, successfully completing numerous projects. Miss Deco has gradually expanded its horizons and creative areas, continuously developing its own style and placing special emphasis on details.

With the addition of an event/wedding planner and a professional florist to the team, Miss Deco has been able to expand its range of services offered.

Today, Miss Deco specializes in decorative setups, flower design, and the organization of ceremonies, corporate events, and private events.


Limitless magic!

Miss Deco Team



Founder, designer, decorator, apprentice trainer, examination expert


Founder, designer, decorator, apprentice trainer

Miss Deco - Decoration and organization of events and weddings - Ticino


Florist / Flower designer


Wedding & Event planner

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